Monday, June 28, 2010

Yovo African

I worked with the eye team again today. I kind of love it. Today Cyrille, one of the day volunteers on the eye team and I had a conversation that made me smile. It went like this:

"Estelle, please where are you from?"

"South Africa"

"No, please where are you from?"

"South Africa."

"Really? But you are a *yovo."

"Yes, I am."

"South Africa and ...?"

"Just South Africa."

"Oh! I did not know that there were yovo's in South Africa! You are a yovo African! Congratulations!"

Apparently this is quite an achievement. Or at least a novelity here in Togo. :)

*Yovo is the term locals here use to refer to a white person.


  1. congrats on being a yovo african! hope you're enjoying the eye team.

  2. hellooo, it sounds so cute, we will refer to you as our little 'yovo' from now on... you are really enjoying yourself and we are so thrilled for you, keep up the good work, we pray for you and everyone on board and all those you meet along your journeys... we are fine, it is soooo hot here (especially in the kithcen where I work), its a different heat to Africa, very humid.... take care of yourself, lots of love, Don and Gill