Friday, August 7, 2009

Teacher Handbook

Teacher Handbooks are not known for their gripping content.

Teachers are requested to read the handbook at the start of each academic year. Many teachers (including myself) reluctantly read the handbook to brush up on certain school policies like homework and familiarise themselves with procedures for class excursions, assessments, etc.

This year, I found myself smiling while looking through the Mercy Ships Academy Teacher's Handbook. How many schools have a policy for teachers to follow about 'hair appointments' or 'seasickness'?

Most days when I look outside the window and sea fishing boats sailing past, I don't blink an eye. It has become my normal. Sometimes it takes something as minor as a heading in a handbook to make realise that my life has changed drastically!

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  1. Nice work. Keep blogging! Have a great new start of the year on Monday.