Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A month in Texas

I spent the month of July in Texas attending the Gateway course mentioned in previous posts.

The month was dedicated to discovering more of God's character and to prepare for the next couple of years that I will serve with Mercy Ships. Many people have asked me if it was worth attending Gateway even after having been on the ship already. I believe that the content taught during those weeks can be applied in life at any time. Not only on the ship. So, yes, it was worthwhile!

Part of this preparation involved basic safety training. And basic safety training involved first aid, CPR and even firefighting.

Of course, we had some free time too. We tried to get the full 'Texas' experience while we were there....

We went dancing y'all!

We also spent a day canoeing on Caddo Lake which has a beautiful Cypress Swamp.

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