Saturday, August 15, 2009

My First Week in Kindergarten

I have survived my first week in Kindergarten!
It has been a challenging and good week. And one filled with many lessons -I have learnt that Kindergarten students need help putting on their shoes and getting out their stationery. And they certainly don't have the same attention span as an eight year old!
And I have learnt that I really enjoy spending the day with them. They make me smile. A lot.

Here are some pictures of my classroom:

The entrance to my classroom:

My class library:

From the back of my classroom:

From the front of my classroom:

Another angle from the back of my classroom:


  1. Estelle, thank you so much for posting pictures of your classroom, it looks great! Anna is so excited about joining your class :-)

  2. What a wonderful classroom. I am sure my sister inlaw, Anna will enjoy it so very much!