Sunday, July 11, 2010

What happens downstairs?

Living on a hospital ship provides some unique opportunities.

On Thursday afternoon I had the opportunity to see what happens downstairs, with my own eyes. I made sure I ate a good lunch, put on some scrubs, a hat and some covers for my shoes and reported to the OR office on Deck 3. I was going to observe surgeries!

I observed a hydrocelectomy (also known as a hydrocele repair) and then about an hour later a hernia repair. Dr Frank, from Uganda, performed both these surgeries.
Dr Frank and Allison hard at work
Not only did I observe surgeries on this day, I also had the chance to observe my cabinmate, Allison, in action. Allison did a wonderful job assisting on the hernia repair surgery. You can read more about her experiences in the operating room at Nurse Missionary.

Allison and I

Then I headed into OR 4. There I observed Dr Leo removing a sinus tumour. The young lady had a tumour that grew from the base of her skull and up the back of her throat into her sinuses and through her nose. I was speechless as I watched Dr Leo, assisted by Mel and Ali, remove this tumour.

I left the operating rooms with a greater understanding of what happens downstairs and with a greater appreciation for our doctors and nurses. And a good reminder of why we are all here.

I did not just observe three surgeries on Thursday. I witnessed three lives being changed by God's love in action.


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  1. dear estelle, i met you in june on the ship - i was there because i'm volunteer and boardmember at mercy ships belgium - congratulations for what you are doing - i have now my own blog (but it is in dutch with beautifull pictures):