Thursday, July 22, 2010

City of Israel Church

A couple of Sundays ago myself and two friends were invited to attend a church service at City of Israel Church. Emmanuel, a translator on the ward, had a taxi waiting for us outside the port gates and took us to his church in Togo.

The City of Israel church building looks like many of the churches that I have seen since being in West Africa. There is a high wall to seperate it from the street and a high ceiling supported by posts along the sides. The congregation sit on wooden benches or plastic chairs and there is a platform in front.

City of Israel Church from the street

The pastor preaches while Emmanuel (on the left) translates for us

The worship band

The congregation

Sunday School at the entrance to the church


More cuteness

Pastor Israel invited Kelly, Alainie and I to introduce ourselves and share some words of encouragement. Then we found ourselves in a photo shoot! Several pictures were taken with different people. Here we are with the leaders of the church.

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