Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blood Bank

One of the perks of having a hospital on the AFM is that it has a living, breathing blood bank at its the form of the crew.

Today in the middle of the school day, I got the call. The hospital needed blood. You know you live on the Africa Mercy when you get pulled out of work to donate blood! Better yet, you know you live on the Africa Mercy when a former room-mate is the one drawing it and your current room-mate is the nurse in the operating room (I love you Maggie and Allison)!

Poor Maggie. She took my blood sample about a month ago. I think I may have traumatised her. Usually I am okay with needles but that all changed when someone I shared a bunk bed with was sticking a needle in my arm! I don't think I was much better today. Despite my lack of bravery, Maggie did an excellent job. My arm is not even bruised!

Maggie looking on as I moan about having to squeeze the ball to keep the blood flowing.


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  1. LOL Estelle! You are not alone, I freak out everytime too! And usually I pass out at least once every 3 donations. At least I'm consistant! lol.