Saturday, October 3, 2009

Proudly South African

The South African Ambassador to Benin is so good to us. Last week we were invited to numerous events to celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa.

Many Mercy Ship Crew went to an exhibit hosted by our Ambassador on Saturday. Items exhibited ranged from South African fruit juices and wines to jewellery.

On Sunday evening we attended a concert to celebrate South African culture. Two groups perfomed on this occasion - a local musical group from Benin and then an acepella group from Soweto, South Africa called 'The Lions'. It was such a comforting feeling listening to this group of talented men singing songs like 'Meadowlands' (a South African classic) and then our national anthem.

The South African crew was treated to a private performance by this group the next evening when we attended a buffet dinner at the Ambassador's residence.

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